Wiggle Worm 1-Year-Olds Program Overview Our teachers plan a very creative curriculum for our toddler programs. It is our goal to expand your child’s imagination and help them develop through several different ways including: - Dramatic play - Sensory & fine motor - Music & movement - Arts & crafts - Books & stories - Social & self-help skills - Cognitive & language 
image of Wiggle Worm Classroom at Ankeny Lil' Tots Daycare in Iowa
image of child preschool in Ankeny, Iowa

Full Time $230
Lil' Tots also has Part Time rates available. Please call for prices.

Starting at 12 months, your toddler is beginning to show independence and excitement for knowledge. Our teachers will carefully plan appropriate activities to embrace this curiosity while catering to your child’s individual needs.

Your child will experience tremendous milestones such as self feeding, early language, socialization skills and physical and cognitive development. Through our teachers’ specifically planned activities, your toddler will experience all of these things while incorporating a schedule and routine into their daily lives.

There is one caregiver for every four children for more individual attention. We will promote a home-like environment to make you child feel more comfortable. At the end of the day, each child will receive a sheet giving the parent(s) an overview of their child’s day.